Sea Forest Waterway Map

Sea Forest Waterway Map Figure

Types of Toilets

wheelchair-accessible Toilets 16
All Gender Toilets 2
Handrail Seats 33
Facilities for Ostomy Seats 2
Baby Chair Seats 6

A Boathouse

The first floor of the boathouse is equipped with large docks with the capacity for some 200 vessels such as canoes and rowboats. It is also equipped with a management office, doping control room and male and female locker rooms and shower rooms. The second floor houses the boathouse’s lodging facilities (both rooms with en-suite bath and toilet and large rooms for groups), conference room, cafeteria and kitchen, and training room. The interior design of the facilities and cafeteria relies largely on wood native to the Tokyo area (Tama Lumber, specifically, Japanese cedar), for a natural, warm atmosphere. There is even a rooftop garden and lawn which offers some spectacular views.

Boathouse photo


This unique two-story boathouse has glass walls offering stunning views of the nearby scenery. The first floor houses the boathouse and the second floor is home to a variety of other facilities such as a training room.

Rooftop Garden photo

Rooftop Garden

The rooftop garden’s wood deck and lawn areas come together in this expansive open space where you can take in views of landmarks such as Tokyo Bay and the Tokyo Skytree.

Lodging photo


Two types of lodging are available: private rooms fully equipped with en-suite bath, toilet and closet (11 rooms), and larger rooms ideal for group lodging (6 rooms).

First-floor Boathouse photo

First-floor Boathouse

The boathouse houses rental canoes and rowboats,
umpire boats (catamarans), Japanese-style boats, and rescue boats (inflatable boats). Both monthly and daily docking also available.

Cafeteria photo


Featuring both ceilings and tables made from Japanese cedar from the Tama region, the cafeteria makes a great spot for taking a break over a light snack or drink.

Training Room photo

Training Room

Conference Room photo

Conference Room

Equipped with a projector, audio equipment, monitor and tables, this large conference room is perfect for hosting events such as in-service training and seminars.


A Boathouse 1F Figure
A Boathouse 1F Men's toilet FigureA Boathouse 1F Women's toilet Figure


A Boathouse 2F Figure
A Boathouse Toilet 2F Figure

B Finish Tower

The two-story grandstand provides spectator seating with the capacity for 1,960 guests. These large-scale facilities offer thrilling close-up views of all the action near the waterway course finish line. The building also houses four multipurpose conference rooms and a guest lounge. To allow for easy access for all, the facilities have reserved 24 seats for guests in wheelchairs (and their companions) as well as 24 priority seats.

finish tower photo

Finish Tower

This three-story tower offers great rooftop views of the finish line and is fully equipped for monitoring watersports competitions.

Rooftop photo


This unique two-story boathouse has glass walls offering stunning views of the nearby scenery. The first floor houses the boathouse and the second floor is home to a variety of other facilities such as a training room.

Conference Room 3 (3rd floor) photo

Conference Room 3 (3rd floor)

Includes monitoring equipment for viewing footage taken by cameras placed alongside the waterway course.

B Finish Tower Figure

C Groundstand

The three-story finish tower is fully equipped for monitoring the finish line, including monitoring and broadcasting equipment and complete with all the capabilities needed for national and international competitions. The building is likewise equipped with three conference rooms as well.

Grandstand photo


The grandstand houses facilities such as spectator seating and multipurpose conference rooms and can be used as a visitor reception area for sporting events and more.

Spectator Seating photo

Spectator Seating

Seating for a total of 1,960 guests overlooking the finish line. A total of 24 wheelchair-accessible seats as well as reserved priority seating for 24 guests.There are also booths equipped with electrical outlets for recharging electric wheelchairs.

Lounge photo


The lounge offers a relaxing place for guests to sit back and unwind.

Conference Room (2nd floor) photo

Conference Room (2nd floor)

The large 2nd-floor conference room overlooking the waterway course can also be used as the primary meeting space for organizers of watersports competitions.

Conference Room (1st floor) photo

Conference Room (1st floor)

Mid/small-sized conference room available. Can also be used as a waiting room for event staff and management during competitions.

Spectator Seating of Groundstand

Total 1,960 seats
wheelchair-accessible seats 24 seats
Accompany seats 24 seats
Reserved priority seats 24 seats
magnetic loop seats 850 seats


C Groundstand 1F Figure
C Groundstand 1F Men's toilet FigureC Groundstand 1F Women's toilet Figure


C Groundstand 2F Figure
C Groundstand 2F Toilet Figure

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