The Sea Forest Waterway is an international regulation watersports competition venue constructed on the east and west channels of the Central Breakwater which will host the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic rowing and canoe (sprint) events. The facilities include a 2000-meter event course, a grandstand with spectator seating for 1,960 guests, a boathouse with a docking capacity of up to about 200 boats as well as a cafeteria, finish tower and more. One of the venue’s major selling points is its open, expansive location surrounded by ample green natural scenery offering superb views of both Tokyo Bay and the dramatic distant cityscape at the same time. Even after the Olympic Games the venue will be available for hosting international rowing and canoe competitions, as well as for holding training and strengthening programs in addition to a multitude of other foreseeable uses ranging from watersports lessons and leisure activities to events for local residents. The venue will serve as a place of recreation and relaxation as well as a place to practice a number of different watersports.

Race course 2,000m×8lanes
Boathouse Boat Storage, Meeting Room, Shower・Dressing Rooms and so on
Grandstand Building Spectator Seating, Meeting Room、Lounge and so on
Other Facilities Finish Tower, Sluice gate, accessible restroom and so on
Closed Day 29 December – 3 January
Opening Hour 9:00~17:00

Spectator Seating

Total 1,960 seats
Accessible seats 24 seats
Accompany seats 24 seats
Priority seats 24 seats
Hearing loop seats 850 seats

Types of Toilets

Accessible Toilets 16
All Gender Toilets 2
Handrails 33
Facilities for ostomy 2
Baby chairs 6

Sea Forest Waterway Map

Sea Forest Waterway Map Thumbnail

Boathouse link Finish Tower link Grandstand link



A Boathouse 1F map
A Boathouse 1F mens toiletA Boathouse 1F womens toilet


A Boathouse 2F map
A Boathouse 2F toilet

Finish Tower

B Finish Tower



C Groundstand 1F map
C Groundstand 1F mens toiletC Groundstand 1F womens toilet


C Groundstand 2F map
C Groundstand 2F toilet

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