The Sea Forest Waterway’s rowing and canoe course will be constructed on the canals between the Inner and Outer Central Breakwater Reclamation Areas of the Port of Tokyo, affording superb bay and cityscape views. Following the Tokyo 2020 Games, the course will be used for international rowing and canoe competitions, and will become one of the premier locations for water sports. It will be open to the public as a recreation area after the Games.

Race course 2,000m×8lanes
Boat Storage Building Boat Storage、Meeting Room、Shower・Dressing Rooms
Ground Stand Building Spectator stand(2,000seats)、Meeting Room、Lounge
Other Facility Finish Tower Building, Sluice, accessible restroom and so on
Closed Day 29 December 2019 – 3 January 2020
Opening Hour 9:00~17:00


(1)Facility rental rates

Corporate rates(Amount:JPY)
Category Amount Non-ticketed event Ticketed event
Race course In the case of using 2,000m course Per hour 8,400 16,800
In the case of using 1,000m course Per hour 4,200 8,400
 Other Race course Equipment Facility Per hour 500 500
Sluice Per hour 5,000 10,000
Ground Stand Building Meeting Room 1 Per hour 500 500
Meeting Room 2 Per hour 500 500
Meeting Room 3 Per hour 500 500
Meeting Room 4 Per hour 2,500 2,500
Lounge Per hour 2,500 2,500
Boat Storage Meeting Room Per hour 2,500 2,500
Finish Tower Building Meeting Room 1、Meeting Room 2 or Meeting Room 3 Per hour 1,000 1,000
Doping Control Station Per hour 800 800
Dining Hall Per hour 3,000 3,000
Lobby、Entrance Hall or Other Facility Per day
Per 1㎡
50 50
Individual rates(Amount:JPY)
Category Amount Rate
Race course (Bring-your-own Boat or Canoe) Per 2 hours 300
Race course
(Rental Boat or Canoe)
Boat or Canoe(1 person) Per 2 hours 1,500
Boat or Canoe(2 person) Per 2 hours 2,000
Boat or Canoe(4 person) Per 2 hours 3,000
Boat or Canoe(8 person) Per 2 hours 5,000
Dragon Boat Per 2 hours 5,000
Boat Storage Under 6.0m Per month
Per 1 Boat
6.0m~7.5m 6,000
7.5m~9.0m 8,000
9.0m~10.5m 10,000
10.5m~12.0m 11,000
12.0m~13.5m 12,000
Over 13.5m 15,000
Boat Storage Under 6.0m Per day
Per 1 Boat
6.0m~7.5m 250
7.5m~9.0m 300
9.0m~10.5m 350
10.5m~12.0m 400
12.0m~13.5m 450
Over 13.5m 500
Training Gym Per 2 hours 450
Dressing Rooms Per time 250
Lodging Room Room A Per person
Per night
Room B Per person
Per night

(2)Equipment rental rates

Category Amount Rate
Signboard、Banner or Exhibition Stand Per day
Per 1㎡
Other Equipment Broadcast Equipment Per hour
Per set
Catamaran Per day
Per 1 Boat
Lifeboat Per day
Per 1 Boat
Japanese Style Boat(16ft) Per day
Per 1 Boat
Japanese Style Boat(18ft) Per day
Per 1 Boat
Projector・Screen Per hour
Per set
Kitchen Equipment Per day
Per Place

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